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I’m Bethany Bravery

I’m a mom of two amazing kids, the Promotions Director at Hope 1079, a podcaster, and a girl who believes in you and the story God is writing for you!  I am a lover of all things: Jesus, family, adventures, friendships, sunshine, and beautiful days on the lake!

Bringing Her Hope: One story of God’s redemption at a time.

Here is where you can find our podcasts:

Episode 10: With Alicia Marks

How to trust God in real life.


Episode 9: With Soorin Backer

How to break free from the performance trap.


Bonus Episode: With Jenae Nixon

How to live a life of legacy.


Episode 8: With Julie Nowacki

When depression tries to take you out for good, but God’s love is bigger!

Episode 7: With Lagea Mull

The chaos that I created and how I got out.


Bonus Episode: With Laura Story

How to find beauty in the midst of shattered dreams.


Episode 6: With Natalie Schultz

When your past can’t cripple you anymore!


Episode 5: With Laurie Smucker

When shame doesn’t have the final say!


Episode 4: With Rachel Profitt

Have you ever felt you were living your worst nightmare?


Episode 3: With Sarah Means

How to live present in the middle of difficult circumstances.

Episode 2: With Kristy Mcintyre

How to overlook labels and know your true identity in Christ.

Episode 1: With Robin Larrabee

How to live beyond childhood trauma, and step into the story God is writing for you

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