Resist pressing the fast forward button!

Dear lovely one, I remember as a little girl loving to press “fast forward” in my Disney Princess movies to the part where the Prince saves the Princess and then marries her, and they live “Happily Ever After” (cue the music). Have you ever wanted to hit the “fast...

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Are you stepping into your calling?

   Hey lovely one,   Are you like me and you have been longing to know EXACTLY what you were placed on this earth to do? Do you read every blog article or listen to every podcast that has the topic with phrases like “Find your calling?" or "How to know the purpose...

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Need some freedom in your life?

Hey Lovely, While preparing for the Bringing Her Hope podcast launch, I have been given the opportunity to interview countless women as they share the story of God’s restoration in their lives. One common thread that I have observed in each story is that each person...

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Will you allow God to use your story?

   Hey lovely one, I am AWFUL at wrapping presents! It doesn’t matter how many pins I pin on Pinterest for inspiration or how tight I pull the wrapping paper it still ends up looking like a two-year-old wrapped the gift! The paper isn’t tucked neatly into beautiful...

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Are you believing for a miracle?

Hey lovely one, I have no idea what your day, week, or current chapter in your story is taking you through. Maybe you have been praying for a miracle for a long time, and you feel like your hope is running out. Hang on tight girl, because the same God who heals the...

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Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day?

   Hello lovely one, You may be in the middle of your story feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or a little bit like a hamster on a hamster wheel. Maybe some chapters in your story seem to resemble the movie “Groundhog Day” where you wake up to a new day, but nothing...

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