Having the audacity to live beyond your childhood trauma…
Hello lovely one,
I cannot believe it’s here! Our very FIRST episode of the Bringing Her Hope Podcast!! I am literally jumping up and down with excitement!!  So what is the Bringing Her Hope Podcast all about??? I am so glad that you asked!!

Each episode, I invite a girlfriend on the podcast to share not only the story that God is writing for her but the story God is redeeming in her life. I cannot wait for you to meet each and every one of these amazing women who I know will inspire you to also live out the story God is calling you to and to give you hope that He will be faithful to redeem your story as well.

Sweet friend, Episode #1 is such a  great one!! Our guest for today is my dear friend Robin Larrabee. Robin is a wife, mom, and nurse. She loves bell bottoms, leopard print, and tie-dye. Growing up for Robin was rough. Her mother was mentally ill and incapable of caring for her. Her father was in the military and absent. She lived in quite a few homes, eventually landing on the street and homeless at the age of 15. Chonda Pierce said it well, ” You learn a lot from your past – what to weed through and throw out and what to hold onto forever”  and that is exactly what Robin has done!

To listen to the episode, all you have to do is click the link right here!  You can also head over to your favorite podcast listening app (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and more!) and search for “Bringing Her Hope .”⠀

We can’t wait to share another story of God’s redemption next time, but until then lovelies, keep living brave stories for Jesus!
Bethany Bravery